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Embedding Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship with Discover Venture Valley

Watch an experienced educator take an innovative approach to teaching a young generation about entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy.

About the Master Class Video

Ignite the entrepreneur inside every student and find ways to bridge classroom learning and real-world business challenges using Discover Venture Valley. Watch as educator Carrie Willis embeds knowledge building and collaborative problem-solving into lessons with the help of gamified Financial Literacy resources.

Curriculum Connections

  • How can entrepreneurial challenges empower students to overcome doubts and immerse themselves in practical problem-solving and career planning?
  • Can you design creative entrepreneurial challenges that embed core Financial Literacy concepts into engaging project-based learning scenarios?
  • How can the 4 Cs - critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating - be applied to entrepreneurship challenges?

Educator Background

Carrie Willis

STEAM and Technology Director, Valley Preparatory School

Carrie Willis is a passionate lifelong learner with over twenty years of experience in the field of education. Carrie is passionate about the possibilities of educational technology and project-based learning in the classroom. Using Discover Venture Valley's gamified entrepreneurial challenges, Carrie teaches students to harness their creativity to solve and engage in real-world problems and experiences.

About This Master Class Series

“Don't be scared to try gamified learning in your classroom. You'll really see your students' engagement levels go up, and you'll see that they're retaining knowledge. They're excited to learn!”

Carrie Willis, STEAM and Technology Director, Valley Preparatory School

Educator Guide

Embedding Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship with Discover Venture Valley

Flexible Time
Explore the educational objectives of the Masterclass series and extend learning with a variety of easy-to-use instructional supports.

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Did you know? More than 60% of small business owners start their small businesses because they’re inspired to be their own boss and create something from the ground up.

— Forbes

Venture Valley

Created by The Singleton Foundation, Winner of the 2023 Jump$tart Innovation Award, Venture Valley is an immersive multiplayer business-building game that gives students a fun outlet to practice entrepreneurship and personal financial skills, compete with friends in positive ways, and earn real-world prizes.